Ubiquiti 5AC RSSI incorrect

Using the current version of Libre and ROCKET PRISM 5AC GEN2 | XC.V8.5.12 . For instance, graphs of RSSI are incorrect. Looking at the graphs in the signal is in -50s/-50s for the chains. In the Librenms graphs its showing them in the -30s. Looking at an old 5Ghz Rocket M, it is the same way there.

Where are you seeing the -50, on a WiFi client? Does the UniFi have a control panel where you can check it ?

If you move the device further away, does LibreNMS reflect that?

Yes, looking that the gui in the 5AC unit, it will show something like -62(-64/-60)^4 dbm where the ^ should be a delta sign. Looking in librenms it will show in rssi something like Overall -35 chain1 -30 chain 2 -32. Numbers are examples. However Tx / RX power or signal show 24 and -61. All the graphs change if I change power settings.

Sorry to resurrect a thread, but is there a solution to this problem? We still show a very large discrepancy on 5AC radios. LTU radios are reporting correctly.