Ubiquiti AF5XHD Support

Does anyone know when the new AirFiber HDs will be supported in LibreNMS?

It isn’t supported already?

Not the newer models nope. LibreNMS doesn’t seem to recognise as a wireless device and doesn’t provide any wireless data.

I can assure you no one is working on it as you are the only one to mention it.
You can provide snmp data and hope someone will update it for you. (https://docs.librenms.org/Support/FAQ/#what-information-do-you-need-to-add-a-new-os)

Or you can try to update the support yourself: https://docs.librenms.org/Developing/Support-New-OS/

@murrant Looks like there has been previous discussion? https://github.com/librenms/librenms/pull/8521

@Cameron_Warren Ah, looking at that PR, there was no wireless sensors added.

Basically, AirosAfLtu.php would need to be created (look at AirosAf.php for hints).

@murrant Once We have the file ready. Do we just drop it into our install or do we need to give to you to add to the source code?

If you make a pull request on github it can be pulled in to upstream and everyone can benefit :slight_smile:


Perfect @murrant. To make things clear - If we prepare the AirosAFLtu.php file, and drop it into place (or create the pull request), will it immediately be used or are more changes needed in LibreNMS?

Just that one file is need (with the correct contents of course).

To merge it upstream test data will be needed too.

Perfect. So we can add it to my local install and test and then create the pull request?

Yep, that is how LibreNMS is made :slight_smile:

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@murrant So we created the AirosAfLtu.php file, dropped it into LibreNMS and applied the correct permissions. Following this - https://docs.librenms.org/Developing/Support-New-OS/

Then we rediscovered the devices, but nothing seems to have happened and no wireless graphs showing.

Can you advise us? Can we debug?

So, what are the contents of AirosAfLtu.php, that is the most important part… Probably best if you create a pull request on github to review.

Do I need to follow the instructions here to create a pull request? https://docs.librenms.org/Developing/Using-Git/

I have never used Git before. Would it be possible to post a copy of the file here?

You could post it here, but it is extremely hard to communicate about changes, etc here. Plus, to get the file merged upstream you will need to create a pull request anyway. You can label it with WIP to indicate it is not ready to merge yet.

Yes, those are the correct docs.