Ubiquiti devices

Hi there,

Could you please help me with Unifi switches.

How i can find OID’s or mib’s that was used when unifi switches were added to LibreNMS ?

Hi @menvol3
Please explain us your issue so we can see what you need :slight_smile:

Hi, @PipoCanaja

I have UBNT equipment (2 unifi swithes) and now i need to find OID to poll some data what i wanted to know with snmpwalk

I see that ubnt devices successfully added to LibreNMS, and i think that you already have those OID’s.
Now i wanted to know if there any possibility to find it inside your project ?

If we already have them, then you will see it right away when you import the devices in LibreNMS. So if you don’t see your values/sensors, then we don’t have them yet and you need to add them.
In order to see the discovery process, you can run, from librenms user in CLI :
./discovery.php -h <deviceID> -v -d

Depending on the OS we match this device, the description can either be done in YAML file ( include/definitition/<os>.yaml and include/definitition/discovery/<os>.yaml) or in PHP.

The documentation will let you discover all this :


Ok, my device already added and sensors showing data.

But how they read those device, how i can acces to the mib’s or OID’s that were used when device was discovered ?

Exactly as described in my previous post : run discovery.php with debug and verbose options.
Or read the YAML files (definition/discovery/.yaml) that details the OIDs that are discovered. Some are also discovered via PHP (search all files with name .inc.php).