Ubuntu VM prebuilt uses 100% CPU

I downloaded the pre-built image Ubuntu 18.04. No matter how may cpus I provided for it they were all completely consumed. I almost gave up and walked away. But instead I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 18.04 into the same VM and did a complete install. OMG what a difference, we are running at <1% with 4 cpus and we were maxing out 24 cpus with the pre-built image. I copied the config and the db so it is really apples to apples. You might want to consider removing the prebuilt image until you can get it working right.


Thanks for your report.

Did you checked what proccess were using all the CPU?

Both the rrdtool and php7.2-fpm services are generating most of the load.

I then started php7.2-fpm…not too bad, but php process began to take over the cpu.

And to make it worse, when only starting the rrdtool service, it too starts to consume a lot of cpu resources.

Lastly, the Oxidized service fails to start, and it’s complaining about missing files like it hasn’t been initialized.

Thanks for your answer. Will take a look asap.

Oxidized comes pre-installed but not configured.