Unable to Add device "Can not ping host"

Hi All,

Would like to ask your expert advise.

Could not ping error when adding a device in GUI.

Using OVA Built with VirtualBox.

Manage to clear all error when running:

able to ping successfully but receives an error when adding a device.

Please check attached screenshot.
(not sure if I have to install selinux)

Please help.

You are getting duplicate ping packets, I would try to solve that first.

Try updating Virtualbox

fping does not handle duplicate packets right. I couldn’t replicate it, so I couldn’t fix it. Maybe if you could packet capture it, I could replay it?

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After fixing the duplicate packet error by ssuing command “sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=0” on the host machine. (not guest)

I am now able to add device properly.

Thank you for your help Chas and murrant.

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