Unable to add device Synology DS918+


I installed LiberNMS on a VM in my Synology DS918+

I managed to added my Synology RT (SNMP) but I can’t seems to add my actual DS918+

I keep adding the SNMP settings, but then I have a error Could not ping SSD, and if I added it anyway I don’t have anything

Not really used to MIB file but there seems to have some documentation from Synology there :

Can I get any advise?

Thank you in advance

It could be that snmp is not correctly configured on the Synology. Could you check with the snmpwalk command from librenms server that it is all right ?

snmpwalk -v2c -c <community> <IpOfSynology> 1.3

If this works as expected, then LibreNMS will discover the device using the same IP and community. You don’t have to bother about the mib files. LibreNMS already comes with everything needed to deal with Synology devices.