Unable to add support for a device/MIB

Using the LibreNMS docs as a guide, I’m trying to add support for an unsupported device from Sunwave.

I’ve written the following .yaml files according to the the docs:

The MIB path is: mib/sunwave/SUNWAVE-MA2-MIB. Please find the .MIB in the post below, since I’m restricted to max two links.

However LibreNMS keeps using the standard .yaml files instead.

What am I missing?

MIB: SUNWAVE-DAS-MA2-MIB - Pastebin.com

Bump. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, do you get any error messages when you run the discovery in debug mode?
I compared with other yamls and I just saw that the others have the dash after discovery in a single line.

            - .

You also need a value in your discovery. oid sould be a container. Try this for discovery:

                oid: systemInfo
                value: elementOperatingTemperature
                num_oid: '.{{ $index }}'
                descr: 'system'