Unable to add support for a device/MIB

Using the LibreNMS docs as a guide, I’m trying to add support for an unsupported device from Sunwave.

I’ve written the following .yaml files according to the the docs:

The MIB path is: mib/sunwave/SUNWAVE-MA2-MIB. Please find the .MIB in the post below, since I’m restricted to max two links.

However LibreNMS keeps using the standard .yaml files instead.

What am I missing?

MIB: SUNWAVE-DAS-MA2-MIB - Pastebin.com

Bump. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, do you get any error messages when you run the discovery in debug mode?
I compared with other yamls and I just saw that the others have the dash after discovery in a single line.

            - .

You also need a value in your discovery. oid sould be a container. Try this for discovery:

                oid: systemInfo
                value: elementOperatingTemperature
                num_oid: '.{{ $index }}'
                descr: 'system'

Thanks for your reply!

Sadly making the changes you suggested did not solve the issue. LibreNMS seems to be able to do a succesfull SNMP walk, as the SNMP Capture Debug Information shows the correct values. However it seems to be unable to use the right MIB, as can be seen in the discovery debug: (https:// pastebin .com/BqpYLJnj)

It seems like the .yaml files don’t exist to LibreNMS, and I’m afraid I’m running out of options.

Again, all the help is welcome, maybe to some the discovery debug information reveals a common oversight.

Bump bump.

It seems that the devide do not provide any SNMP data!?

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