Unable to create alert for Virtual Disk State


We are using LibreNMS to have a central place for all our servers that have IDRAC so everything IDrac is reporting it gets reported to LibreNMS.
I have been trying to figure out how to alert when the state of a metric is not “OK” or “Online”

For Example, our servers often have a failed disk and i’d like to be notified when this happens. As of now LibreNMS shows when a server’s Virtual disk is degraded; therefore, a physical disk is in a bad state or most likely failed. In the overview page, I see the degraded state.

The virtual Disk is under the State metrics. When I try to create an alert, I do not see an option to search for the state of the metrics being reported.
Any help would be very much appreciated.


Try this alert out

If you want to alert on states failing in general then use the State Sensor Critical/Warning alerting like this →
It won’t be an as specific like the alert rule above.