Unable To Delete Device via Web UI

I recently changed the host name on one of my Routers, and after doing so I was left with an old / record in the database with “/” as the host name. When attempt to delete “/” via the Web UI it’s telling me that the “no shut host”.

What is this.? I can’t delete I can’t rename and it’s effecting my ability to add the correct host.!

Not sure I understand the error.

However if you look in the database and find the deviceid, you can take a look at it there. Then potentially use that deviceid to remove it via the API…

I changed the host name of one of my datacetner Routers, and NMS thinks the host name is “/”…?
When I attempt to change host name from “/” to the correct host name NMS is telling me the host doesn’t exist. Unfortunately for me this particular Router happens to be one of my primary Routers, and it’s currently not being monitored. Look at the photo I attached to the discussion.

Yes ok, but can you remove via the API after finding device ID?
Then simply re-add.

there is used to be a command ./delhost -h and the device ID.

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