Unable to login due to UK to US keyboard symbol password

I have use £ in my password and after changing the default UK keyboard to US keyboard, I can no longer login. How do I enter £ using US keyboard?

copy paste the symbol to login and change password? you can also create a new admin account via CLI, see Not able to login to LibreNMS WebUI.

The US keyboard question is more for google rather than here.

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Unfortunately copy and paste doesn’t work. Fortunately the root password is the same as the librenms account and I manage to use root login to change librenms password.

For those who use the official image from librenms website, I realise that they have forgotten to mention or miss out many steps to get the system up and running.

Beside forgetting to mention about changing the root password, the time zone has to be configured not just at the OS level, but also at both the php and database level. rrdcached.service is also configured wrongly, pointing to /usr/bin/rrdcached instead of /bin/rrdcached etc.

But the first thing to do is to change the default UK keyboard to US keyboard, or else, if you change the password first and happen use any symbol such as # and end up with £, it would be fatal once you change keyboard! lol