Unable to receive network devices logs in lilbrenms but able to view librenms server logs in librenms webUI

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Hello ,

We have setup a test environment to test librenms features and administration. As per the documents, we have enabled the syslogs and librenms is showing syslogs of librenms server but not receiving network devices syslogs in web UI.

Can you please help what will be wrong in librenms configuration.

Cisco router and Cisco switch 2800 we are using in lab to test the syslogs.

Does your syslog daemon receive the log messages?

Did you configure your syslog daemon as described in the documentation?

Yes. Syslog are configured as per the documents. Librenms server syslogs are being received but network devices syslogs are not showing when any network device is selected.

Check the hostname/ip from the log message matches how you have added the device to LibreNMS.

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