Unable to setup email alerts to multiple email addresses

Here is my setup, I have one read-only user and the librenms account. I want the read-only user to monitor the map and when something goes down, an email gets sent to 3 different email addresses.

According to the Docs, this should be possible.

However, when I am logged in as librenms to enter in multiple email addresses with a comma, the box remains red. I do not get a notification that the config is updated, and my changes are not saved.

Am I missing a setting or am I not understanding this correctly?

That “Default contact” is the one that only lets you set one mail address.

I don’t know for sure if that contact field supports using local mail aliases, but if it does and you use sendmail as an alert transport you could setup a mail alias that goes to your three email addresses.

E.g. in /etc/aliases you could have:
outage_notices: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

And in Default contact:

Or if you could create a mail alias with forwarding to those addresses on your mail service you could do basically the same thing.