Unauthorized graphs not working

I don’t upgrade very often so I don’t have the actual version where it broke - They worked a couple of weeks ago, but I have since upgraded 2 servers and migrated 1 other server and they all produce the same problem.

This is the error that is produced in the browser.

This is the setup on both servers - sadly I didn’t document the last version that I saw working but it was pretty recent (~2-3 weeks back)

|Version|22.7.0-33-g3d65e722a - Sun Jul 31 2022 10:09:59 GMT-0400|
|Database Schema|2022_07_19_081224_plugins_unique_index (244)|
|Web Server|nginx/1.18.0|
|Database|MariaDB 10.5.15-MariaDB-0+deb11u1|