Understanding the new mail transport

I’m trying to move our alerts to the new transport system. However the mail transport doesn’t quite make sense. We strictly use the SNMP sysContact to determine who should receive alerts for a specific devices. The mail transport requires me to enter an email address. We don’t have a single email that receives alerts, it’s based on the device.

According to the Mail.php file, if the “email” config setting is empty, it will use the email given to it by whatever system calls the transport. It looks like that was the old behavior. But if an email is set, it will only use that one and not consider sysContact information. The transport seems to work fine without the setting but it’s required in the validation settings.

Am I missing something? The docs aren’t clear as to how I can get the new Mail transport to send based on sysContact and not a static email address. Any help clearing this up would be appreciated.


Can anyone please help me? I want to make sure everything is setup right for when the legacy transports are disabled.

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