UniFi recent firmwares

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https://github.com/librenms/librenms/blob/master/includes/definitions/unifi.yaml makes an assumption that does not hold true anymore for recent beta firmware versions, specifically that sysObjectID returns linux, but which now returns ubnt.

Please consider adding: (unfortunately untested, the people who kept reporting this in the UniFi forums refused to help)

        sysObjectID: .

I installed 21.4.0, added the above lines to includes/definitions/unifi.yaml, rediscovered an AP running 5.63.0 (the just released firmware) and it was detected correctly.

Please send your change upstream so others can benefit from it.

I don’t quite follow. How is there any further upstream than LibreNMS’s own website?

He means please contribute your changes to the git site and they can be merged into the project and rolled out to every ones installation. LibreNMS is built by all of us and not by any single company.

Contributing - LibreNMS Docs

I initially went to create a GitHub issue at https://github.com/librenms/librenms/issues/new/choose and it directed me here instead.

I create a new pull request for you. I am unable to test since I don’t have any Unifi’s running the beta firmware

Updated unifi.yaml with new OID by wolfraider · Pull Request #12862 · librenms/librenms (github.com)

Thank you!

One other person on the UniFi beta forum confirmed that this addition worked for them, FWIW.

Which devices are under this sysobject?

Ubiquiti UniFi access points like the UAP-nanoHD, U6-Lite, UAP-SHD running (roughly) beta firmware 5.53.1 or release candidate firmware 5.60.1 or later.

We need a more specific OID for this. EdgeMax is Looking at it, it looks like Unifi is let me know if that more specific one works.

1 Like is literally the response when you query for sysObjectID.0. I can’t help it.

Why can’t Ubiquiti get SNMP right? Sigh.

airos |.
edgeos |.
unifi |.

Because LibreNMS matches the start of the sysObjectID (because normal manufacturers group their products by family) unifi can collide with the other two.