Update EMC Datadomain MIB & Poller

Hey Guys,

I’m working on moving over some of my older scripts to monitor DataDomain over to librenms. Right now we can successfully recognize a system running ddos but It looks like the MIB that’s that’s bundled in is outdated and won’t really work well for modern DataDomains (5.7 and above) for more metrics.

Goal is to get more of the filesystem information from datadomain like the image below.


I have been able to get the post-comp data which is the more important one, but I’m having an issue displaying it in it’s native GiB / TiB units.

For example 21247.7 GiB = 20.75TiB but I don’t know how to have it show that way on the graphs.


Any help will be appreciated. Once I clean up the code, i’ll upload it for everyone to review.


Is it just that it shows TB instead of TiB?

Thats right, but the data amount is correct. I havent had a chance to post the changes yet. Errors on my side may be easier to spot once that’s done. I’m hoping to do it tomorrow.

This should help.

There is alot more info we can get from the data-domain but right now to get my feet wet, the “/data: post-comp” info is really the most important.

I see now that I’ll have to make a custom graph to display it in “TiB”. I’ll save that for later. This way down the road we can get Active Tier / Archive Tier and Cloud Tier info

Right now I’m trying to test these changes with as many systems as I can get my hands on. See if it will work with versions 5.5 all the way to 6.1