Update new WebUI

Are they any updates on the new WebUI?
With respect it looks a bit old compared to other systems :slight_smile:

looking WebUI looks old in Comparison with which Systems?

Could you please give some examples and Screenshots?

At work we use Observium (yeah I know), but the WebUI looks more modern then LibreNMS. Specially the graphs; Observium

But also PRTG; https://hlassets.paessler.com/common/files/screenshots/monitoring-cisco-devices/02_01_cisco_vpn_traffic_live_data_kl.jpg

And since there is a Category for a WebUI rewrite, I was curious :slight_smile:

Ok Observium looks the same, in my personal view.
PRTG looks not such modern in my eyes than LibreNMS …
What exactly are you missing … has an old look in your eyes?
Don’t know what you want/miss.

That’s quite an old screen shot for PRTG but the way they store data is different. PRTG gives a lot more data and is a lot easier to navigate through.

You find PRTG easier to navigate?! I hate it and the gui has a feeling of wannabe Nagios anno 2005.

LibreNMS stores graph data in rrd format (I believe the same goes for Observium), so it will compress and average data over time.

For us, much.

LibreNMS is very rough around the edges in terms of design if we’re comparing apples to apples.

RRD is not perfect either sadly, both the way PRTG and RRD store data isn’t perfect but they both work well for different reasons.

I think this is rather subjective. I’ve used Observium for the past couple of years and I actually find that LibreNMS appears more modern and functional than Observium.

LibreNMS looks very good and much more modern looking than PRTG / Observium / to me. I love the way it looks and would hate a webUI change. This is going to be highly subjective, but I love it, and wouldn’t change it.