Upgrading LibreNMS php 7.3

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Currently running CentOS 7 and trying to update the PHP from 7.2 to 7.3 with no luck. When I do a yum update and yum install php7.3 -y I received No packages php7.3 available. I did change some epel repos and seems like it install but I don’t see php 7.3 when I do php -v.

Most likely you need to enable the PHP 7.3 stream in the PHP module.

Check yum module list php, if 7.3 is available you can switch to it with yum module php:7.3

If you already have PHP packages installed (so if LibreNMS is already installed with dependencies), you can do

yum module reset php
yum module enable php:7.3
yum install php-common

The last command will upgrade the required PHP packages to their current 7.3 version.

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