Upload images on Weathermap


I’ve found “Manage Images” on the plugin Weathermap but it looks like it doesn’t work.

Do you no if it is possible to upload images easily ? Or I have to transfer these images in FTP to my virtual machine ?

You’ll need to be on the CLI for some of the weathmap features (and sometimes fixing screwups!).

I have some maps with an external image.

They are uploaded via SCP/SSH as another user, then moved to ~/html/plugins/Weathermap/images and chown librenms:librenms:

librenms@~/html/plugins/Weathermap/images$ ls -l map-ug-switch.png
-rw-rw-r-- 1 librenms librenms 61408 May  1 21:37 map-ug-switch.png

There are a whole bunch of the default icons/background in that directory too.

You can then reference that in the config file at the top with the BACKGROUND tag:

BACKGROUND images/map-ug-switch.png

Once upon a time I also has some script which would regularly fetch particular metric graphs via the API and store them at the same location so they could be included as pictures in the weathmap as permanent fixtures - you could even overcomplicate it with a named pipe/FIFO. Here’s some old one I still have hanging around:



Thanks for your answer, I wanted to upload more than 100 images, that’s why I wanted to do it without CLI, but if the feature doesn’t work, I’ll do it with FTP + CLI.

Have a nice day !