Uptime visualisation in percentage


Hi Folks,

currently we visualize the up-time for a device with a constantly increasing graph while most OPS people are keen on five 9’s for 99.999 % up-time.

I think it would beneficial to have a knob where we can switch the graph to show up-time in percentage as flat line at 100% for 100% availability.
Likewise I would like to see a dashboard banner option for showing the numeric average number in bold printed letters of all my devices I am monitoring.



I actually like that idea a lot!
All monitoring solutions I have used so far had graphs like LibreNMS is using now and it never really made sense to me, but having a percent graph or just a number seems like a much better idea from my point of view.


These aren’t going to be easy to do. we don’t store historical up / down events that would allow us to create an availability value.


Hi Laf,
I guess there is an easy solution to this :wink:
We just assume 100% uptime is the normal and should be a flat line instead of a constantly increasing graph. Then we just visualize the deviation from normal as a drop to zero. What I am thinking about is the uptime as an expression of 9’s per year or better say we just show the downtime.

See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_availability under Percentage calculation.
I guess there is a point if we should visualize:

  • Downtime per year
  • Downtime per month
  • Downtime per week
  • Downtime per day
    but my preference would be “Downtime per year”

Every operator is proud of his “Nines” so maybe we can build an aggregate for the dashboard as well?


But to be able to calculate any number of 9’s you need to store when and for how long a device is down.

If you don’t, it’s just a binary up / down which we already store.