URL Drop Down Field

Hi Guys
would it be possible to request a feature where you have a drop down for URL;s like the example below:

this way you can reference Rancid, Multiple Weather Maps or really any URL that you want ? Will save customers from typing URL’s wrong and everything is seen as one

thank you

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Copying over what I just wrote on Github:

So you mean like an additional dropdown menu (called what?) that would hold a list of custom links?
Maybe configured in config.php as a simple array (text => URL)?

Should be pretty simple to implement. I guess I could do it in a few minutes.

Let’s see if the community thinks this would be beneficial. Please chime in!

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100% spot on - Maybe call it ExternalURL or something like that, would be a tidy way to have multiple url’s for example in my case - i have WebSVN/Rancid, Gestoip, multiple Weather Maps etc etc. so instead of bookmarks it would be nice to be on a drop down menu instead

this would also assist customers to ensure URLs are typed correctly etc

We have an additional 6 and growing list of applications that would be nice to have links like this. I tried to find this post on Git, but I was unsuccessful. Any movement?