Use of discovery

Hello, i m aware that my question is stupid; but i didn’ t find ant reals clues on my problem.
i installed librenms on debian 8.6. no problem
i log on the web interface , add the localhost ok , change the config.php for search.
But when i launch the command ./discovery.php -h all, i have no results.
i can ping the others pcs from the debian with librenms. one have snmp installed, but nothing.

Where i missed?

It does not auto discover out of the box, for good reason :blush:

Here are the docs:

i had to add a router of my compagny or librenms can scan without it?

in a network in 192.168.0.X which protocol to enable to test a autodiscovery or i must choose snmp

Well, here is my hint:
BGP will only be helpful for devices using BGP.
OSPF will only be helpful for devices using OSPF.
XDP (CDP/LLDP/FDP) will only be helpful for switches or other devices with LLDP, CDP, or FDP enabled.
ARP will only work with devices that report ARP table via SNMP.

If you are looking to add a lot of devices without manually adding them and none of the above options work for you, you have two options.

  1. script add-host.php
  2. utilize snmp-scan.php (make sure you add your community(s) in config.php)

Read/browse the documentation again.

thnks i use ur advice and choose snmp scan.