Use of SNMPv3 contexts for device discovery

Hi, I’m currently looking for a way to add a network device using snmpv3 contexts. I’m running a Juniper EX9204, and have to specify the context (in this case, the routing instance name) in order to authenticate, but I do not see an option for this in the “add device” screen. I’ve done some searching and came up with a thread from 2017 and a pull request that was closed as being an incomplete solution, but haven’t found much else (Add virtual device using snmp context). Is it possible to specify SNMPv3 context when adding a device?


I don’t think there is an official supported solution for this at the moment. We are still having this challenge with our Checkpoint VSX cluster and we are going to deploy some Junipers too.

The patch at works for us and I cannot guarantee it won’t have any side effects. However we will be updating LibreNMS in a few weeks and would probably have to rewrite that one for us internally.

Thanks KlaasT for the response. I attempted to apply your patch by running ./scripts/github-apply 7119, however I got a few errors. I’m on version 1.54, is that newer than what you wrote that code for?
Apologies for any ignorance, I’m a network engineer and not much of a coder. Thanks in advance!