Using API to Get Temperature Graph

When using the API I am able to pull the port_bits graph successfully but can not figure out how to pull a temperature graph from the API in the same way. Can anyone help me with the API url?

Click on the graph in the webui and inspect the url, the parameters are the same.

The URL is


I tried /api/v0/devices/78/health/device_temperature/186&from=1537902000&to=1538074800 > /tmp/temp.png

It gives me an invalid png file. Can you help me correct it?

You need a question mark in your url…

So sorry that was actually a mistake in my post. I was trying:

api/v0/devices/78/health/device_temperature/186?from=1537902000&to=1538074800 > /tmp/temp.png

Are you able to see any mistakes in the API call I made after I added the ? back where I had it?