Using sysName instead of hostname for host dependencies

Working with the new host dependency feature (yay it’s finally here!) - some of us don’t use DNS in our networks, so devices appear in the dependency UI with the hostname data (an IP address in this case). Is there a way to have the UI display the sysName field instead of the hostname field so it’s a bit easier to identify devices?


I would also like to see this.

+1 on this.

I already have the following configured in the config.php

Force IP to Sysname

$config[‘force_ip_to_sysname’] = true;

It does’nt seem to make a difference though.


This is kind of available now - if you go to the device edit page (https://nms/device/device=1/tab=edit/) and place your cursor in the “This device depends on:” field, you’ll get a list of all your other devices by IP with their sysName beside them.

could it not also apply to the following page http://librenms/device-dependencies/ page too?

Any idea is Sysname will be supported in the Device Dependencies page? I have Force Sysname on for the rest of LibreNMS and it works well!

Device Dependencies is the key place to have Sysname to make life easier.

Hi @Cameron_Warren
It makes complete sense.
We just need contributors to actually code it. It is probably only 1 or 2 lines. May be only a few letter I would say. But LibreNMS is a community based project, so either you can motivate somebody to do it, or you do it yourself :smiley:


Hey @PipoCanaja - I personally dont have the coding skills to do this - anyone willing to take a look at this?

Plus one for this.

Ps no coding skills either.


Should be merged in a couple of days, if the patch is accepted by the community. Nobody is a developper here, we all have a job (network admin, sysadmin, etc etc) and learn dev everytime we have an issue …


Thank you - looks great and has updated on my instance!

Much appreciated