Using the "lnms config:set" command

Hi guys , Im reading the oxidized documentation here
It meantion to use the :
lnms config:set
Command to integrate the oxidized extenstion , so have following questions:
After checking my old lnms platform I can see that integration was performed directly on the config.php, for example adding following lines:

$config['oxidized']['enabled']         = TRUE;
$config['oxidized']['url']             = '';
$config['oxidized']['features']['versioning'] = true;

So ; just wanted to know:
Does both methods work similar ?
Writting directly into the config.php file is deprecated or not recommended ?
How can I track / check and undo config changes made with the “lnms config:set” tool ?


At least to check current config you can use:

lnms config:get --dump

is it fully replace legacy config.php im not sure, so better to wait more authorative answer.
Or better lnms config:get --dump |jq to get fancy json

config.php is deprecated, so thats why the documentation doesn’t mention it anymore

Thanks @Jellyfrog ;
I will continue from this.

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