V1.25 - Info

So this release has proved to be a big one again. You can see the full change log here.

We thought best to provide a summary of some of the additional features :slight_smile:

  • 1 Minute (or any multiples of that) polling.
    You can now create new RRD files that allow updates of data every minute (configurable). You can enable this under Settings -> External settings -> RRDTool Setup. Set the step value to be 60 seconds (1 minute) and heartbeat to a value where no data received and a null value will be inserted.

  • SVG Graph output.
    This is a big one for us, you can now enable the ability to output graphs by PNG or SVG, SVG providing more scalable images for HDPI screens. This compliments our recent change to use SVG images where possible for device logos. You can enable this in Settings -> WebUI Settings -> Graph Settings. Select SVG for the Graph type. We have had some initial feedback that CPU usage has reduced for the Web service when this change is enabled.

  • Ability to reduce port polling time.
    This is currently beta but so far we’ve had some really good feedback. The idea behind this when enabled (per device typically) is for devices where you either have a large number of ports that are disabled in comparison to the active ports and/or where a large number of ports are down in either ifAdminStatus or ifOperStatus for the current poll and previous poll (so no data should have been transferred). In these cases, rather than doing snmpwalks to gather data we switch to multi get per port for the info we need. In the correct scenarios this has led to 100’s of seconds in reduction of poll times.

Since the last release we’ve had around 40 people submit pull requests, over 200 commits which indicate a lot more tidying up as gone on as we’ve had a sum of 18,000 pieces of code removed once you take into account added and deleted:

Here’s a snippet of some stats we can see courtesy of GitHub

This month we hit over 6000 issues / pull requests, luckily the split here is weighted towards pull requests which is great to see. We’ve also been working to tidy up our issue section on GitHub - if you haven’t read elsewhere before then as the name indicates only issues should be raised there. For help and feature requests then this community forum is the place (or IRC for help).

We’ll sign off now with a big thank you to everyone who’s fixed something, added a new feature, made a suggestion or submitted a bug report. Without you all LibreNMS wouldn’t be as great as it is today.