V1.34 November 2017 Info

Following on from last months big release, we have another pretty awesome one :slight_smile: The focus this month though has been bug fixes. Again we’ve seen an amazing number of contributors this month which is brilliant, Hopefully we can sustain that and enable more and more people to contribute towards LibreNMS.

You can see our change log here.

Here’s a quick summary of what happened this month:

  • More yaml improvements like allowing snmp get from discovery and more updates to sensor discovery via yaml.
  • poller-wrapper.py will no longer block when using distributed polling
  • Switched the cron example to use discovery-wrapper.py
  • Performance update to MySQL updates in sensors and bgp polling
  • Lots of doc updates courtesy of @Kevin_Krumm
  • Lots of small bug fixes courtesy of @murrant

The number of visitors to tour GitHub site has increased slightly as the number of unique clones.

Don’t forget, we’re getting closer to the January date where the minimum version of PHP will change to be 5.6


Out of curiosity, when is this being pushed to users? I’m on the daily update train and am still getting regular updates to 1.33.


You already have all those updates then. The 1.33 XXXXX is the master branch reacives daily updates. The 1.34 is the stable branch.

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