V1.39 April 2018 Info

So we’ve had another small update to alerting in general which carries on with the focus outline in #8353, more will be coming but at present it’s waiting on the Laravel PR to be merged in. This will provide us with a framework going forward and allow us to ditch the legacy code that we inherited whilst also opening up the ability to make continuous improvements.

You can see our change log here.

Some notable changes / updates:

  • Nearly 25 new or improved devices
  • Added the ability to send metrics to Prometheus
  • API now returns lat/lng for devices
  • Ability to set notes for Ack’d alerts

Some stats from our main GitHub repo:

One thing that is nice to see, we’ve now made it in to the top 300k websites according Alexa.com

As always, happy monitoring and thanks for using LibreNMS.