V1.53 June 2019 Info

1.53 is our 66th release since we started releasing monthly releases. Merges were a little lighter this release because the maintainers didn’t have much time to review Pull Requests. If you would like to help review PRs, let us know in Discord .

We thank each and every of the 28 different contributors to LibreNMS this month. Make sure you thank them for their time and effort :slight_smile:

For those on the daily updater there was a breakage that requires manual fixing. If you use the monthly release, no action is required. Details: Broken auto-updater (Manual intervention required)

There is still a known bug where the email alerting is incapable of de-duplicating recipients that are selected more than once. Some progress has been made toward a fix, but it is not complete yet.

Some notable changes and enhancements:

  • MPLS support was added. Only Nokia support has been contributed.
  • Device Groups have been re-written and now use the same query builder as Alerting. It also supports static groups now.
  • More translations have been added or improved. Again note that not all of LibreNMS supports translation.
  • 13 devices with new or updated support

You can find our change log here.

As usual there are some great changes cooking for next month. You can checkout the Pull Requests on GitHub and give feedback on them to help them get merged.

Some stats from our main GitHub repo:

As always, happy monitoring.