Validate Config from the Web UI fails

Moved my Hyper-V install to another PC. From the command line both validate.php and are fine. If however, in the Web GUI I run “Validate Config” I get the following single failure.

FAIL: server_name is set incorrectly for your webserver, update your webserver config.

Fix: server_name;

I believe I found the file to edit at - /etc/nginx/conf.d/librenms.conf , However using nano it states file is “unwritable” no matter what I try.

Only other bad effect of the move is my new location seems very sluggish even though it should be much faster. Possibly database needs time to adjust?

I got it :). Had to shut down the NDINX service then was able to edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/librenms.conf file. Hopefully this info may help someone else in the same boat :slight_smile:

I’ve always found to adjust the librenms.conf file you need to sudo nano into it and then restart the nginx service - but im sure stopping it first also works like you stated

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