Various polling intervals in distributed pollers

Hello! I have a setup with two pollers in a cluster, serving different poller groups. I want to set a different Services Frequency interval for the second poller. Changing these settings in Web UI (I also changed the poller frequency) for the particular poller did not help – it was still checking services with the default interval. Both pollers use the same rrdcached service running on the first poller.
How can I achieve different polling intervals for these pollers? Do I need a separate rrd service on the second poller? Is such setup even possible?

I assume on a single poller you could set services_frequency in the config.php on one of them at a different interval than the other (you would need to restart the librenms-service service as this is read at start up).

I’m not sure what the impact of this would be. It sounds like it could cause all sorts of issues.

What is it that you are trying to achieve?

Short answer is no. LibreNMS does not support different polling frequencies between devices, between pollers or between sensors. 1 rule for all.
There is no way in current implementation to acheive it cleanly. A lot of code would need to be rewritten, and nobody contributed it yet.