Vendor icon not showing on Mikrotik devices

Hello everyone,

recently I am facing this new error where all my mikrotik devices are not showing Vendor icon. All other seems to be fine I have unifi devices, linux servers, synology devices. Only mikrotik devices not showing icon. I don’t know when this problem started but I’m sure that I had it before 100%.

Anyone any idea why is this happening ?

I can’t help with the why, but I can tell you the icons live here … /opt/librenms/html/images/os/
and they are linked from here … /opt/librenms/includes/definitions/routeros.yaml

Hope that helps :+1:

I have found that when I’m using chrome it works, but every other webrowser like opera, edge and even internet explorer are not showing vendor icon for Mikrotik.

Actually just came across a page on github where they talk about upgrading the Mikrotik logo (and then also noticed your pic has the new logos in, they are just difficult to see in dark mode).

Update Mikrotik logo by QuadPiece · Pull Request #14045 · librenms/librenms · GitHub

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Awesome, thank you for clarifying that. I can confirm that it is in fact a new mikrotik logo. Because of dark theme I was unable to see it.

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