View all information related to a port, counters and Health/sensores


Would it be possible select a port and view all the Health/sensors information and counters that are related to a port in the same view?

If you have a DWDM port on a router I would like to make the correlation between all parameters related to that port to be able make a fast assessment on what is going on like, the Input Errors, Rx Power, SNR, Temperature and so on.

I can’t find out how to select a port and see all data that are related to that port. If I select a port I get only the counters and not the related sensors.


At present we actually only link cisco sensors to ports and not much else.

This would be a great thing to do and we welcome PRs :slight_smile:

I do have a wish for a “centralized” view of port information, as the information is split across several pages today.
But this is something that would need to be implemented / written.

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I wrote some code to include a Health tab under the port view using sensors entPhysicalIndex as the selector. It seems to work for the juniper devices I have.
Something worth sharing?

Sure, submit a pull request :slight_smile: