VirtualBox installation Virtualization of Librenms failing

1st Phase: As a trial run test I installed Librenms-ubuntu-20.04 ova in Virtualbox 7.0.6 on a ThinkPad i7 processor with Windows 11 OS, and was able to successfully access the Weblogon of Libre.

2nd Phase: Long term goal was to get Librenms available for our small office accessibly on centralized VM with a NAT IP address , so I attempted to convert the Virtualbox ova > to a vSphere ovf and it failed.

3rd Phase: I installed Windows 10 OS in our office vSphere 6.7 environment, then installed Virtualbox 7.0.6 and imported the Librenms-ubuntu-20.04 ova. Successfully installed but, could not get the Virtualbox bridged adapter to give me a IP, to access the Libre Weblogin.

Can anyone suggest a successfully installation plan of action to set up LibreNMS for a small enterprise office with less than 500 devices that is accessible on a office wide environment, not installed local on a test laptop.

Thank - You

When asking for help and support, please provide as much information as possible. This should include:

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./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d | ./
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