Vlan utilization alarm when bandwidth below threshold

I’ve recently deployed LibreNMS in my network and am receiving port utilization alarms during my nightly backup cycle. When I view the “port” that is triggering the alarm it is a vlan (interface, I’m assuming) on one of my Cisco Catalyst switches. Total traffic on the port reaches about ~1.3Gbps. When I check in port settings it is showing the interface speed as 10Gbps. While 10G isn’t what the backplane can handle I’m fine with this detection, what I’m not understanding is how 1.3G is over 80% of 10G.

I’ve found another post about disabling alerts for loopback interfaces where it is recommended to turn alerts off and I can do that but if there is any way to fix this I would appreciate the help.


You probably need to this https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/RRDTune/

Thanks for the speedy reply, I will try that!

Note: Under Global settings > External there do not appear to be any RRDtool configuration options as mentioned in the doc but I was able to turn on tuning directly on the port.