VMware ESXi v6.0 host is missing Virtual Machines tab?

We have several VMware v5 hosts that we have been monitoring using LibreNMS, with great success. We just added a new host to our system that is VMware ESXi version 6, and it seems that the “Virtual Machines” tab is missing. I am not particularly fluent with SNMP, so I’m sure this is some user-error thing that I’m doing wrong…but I’ve bashed my head against the wall long enough and I cant figure it out. Do I need a different MIB file or something?

we have exactly opposite situation.

We can see esx 6.5 but we cannot see esx 5.5

VMWare’s snmp implementation is shocking at best, things sometimes work other times not. Not sure we can do much about that.

Best to check the vmware kb articles. We had an issue with 5.5u3 (latest downloadable iso) where it wouldn’t display memory information. We had to patch it to the latest vmware patch release for it to work.