VRF support for Juniper MX and QFX series


I would like to have routing instance support for Juniper MX104, 240, 960 and QFX5100 series.

Juniper supports many type of routing instances but the most commonly used that I would LibreNMS to support are: vrf and virtual-switch.

For VRF ( Virtual routing forwarding instance)

  • Discover routing protocol e.g BGP, OSFP,RIP and Interface inside the VRF.

For virtual-switch (Virtual switch routing instance)

  • Discover bridging domain (VLAN / port ) inside the virtual switch

Here is the reference to the Juniper routing instance mib.


/Hien The


Hello @nguyh,
VRF must work for os Junos devices now by default, please test with current
daily version.

With current version Librenms does not detect instance-type virtual-switch and l2vpn. Vrfs are OK.