WAN monitoring - New user

Hi All. I’m very new LibreNMS and so far very impressed with it!

We seem to be having connectivity issues on our VDSL link and it goes down at least once a day. I’m looking for an effective way to monitor this. One thought was to poll and a couple of other reliable IP’s via ICMP, but it seems I can’t set the ICMP poll frequency per device, only the Cron service frequency?

I’d like to ping every 30-60s, but don’t want this going on for every device on the network if I can help it.

Can anyone advise how they achieve this?

Many Thanks

I do it by using Smokeping (integrated into LibreNMS using the guide in the docs) - and have Smokeping alert me separately

Thanks Man!
That’s exactly what I was looking for. I knew there’d be a better way to do it and didn’t realise there was smokeping integration in librenms! :):grinning:

Incidentally, I remember using smokeping a few years ago in a companies Ob****ium setup and remember what a useful tool it was then!