Warning state icon in Availability Map


multiple linux servers are showing warning icon in availability map
uptime_warning is already set to 864000 seconds / 235 hours in config.php

these linux servers are restarted every day
using snmp v3

what seems to be the problem?

Post your config.php I’m thinking you have error in the config for the uptime settings.

Enable the in-built services support (Nagios plugins)

$config[‘show_services’] = 1;
$config[“rrdcached”] = “unix:/var/run/rrdcached/rrdcached.sock”;
$config[“update_channel”] = “release”;
$config[“enable_syslog”] = 1;
$config[‘allow_duplicate_sysName’] = true;
$config[‘uptime_warning’] = ‘846000’;

FYI, setting uptime_warning to 846000 means warn me if the server has been rebooted in the last 9.7 days.

It sounds like you want to have them show as warning less, so setting that to a lower number is what you want. Say 6 hours or so (21600). This means it will be warn for 6 hours after reboot.