Weathermap change icon when node down

Hi guys, sorry if icreated this topic in category )=

Can You tell me how make when node down the icon changes, in… in red block, and, when node is up, icon changes in green block? Where i’ll must find this “TARGET”?

Thank you for answers and attention! Good luck!

If i’m not mistaking it should change to red per default when node is down

Hi Dejan, thank you for answer. H-m-m, no, in my case nothing happens )= Do You have any ideas? Or can You give me Your node configuration please. And, do You know, where i can take TARGET of my node?

Sorry, i think i misunderstood your question. You are referring to weathermap and i was talking about world map.
I dont think that is possible but have a look here

i know this website. buy thank you for attention)

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