Weathermap - Please Explain the Basics to Someone Basic

So I’ve installed the Weathermap plugin, and I can use the editor to create a map an populate it with some nodes and links.

The test map I created appears as /opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap/configs/testmap.conf

Now what? How do I get this map updating and how do I view it?

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Have you followed all the install doc:

If so, files should be created in the output directory if you’ve followed the docs, you can then go to that in a browser.

That’s the info I was missing. I’m new to Git and didn’t realise .md was a doctype, so I’d missed this.
Might be worth including this in the docs dir?

Anyhow, thanks you very much. Can’t be much fun hand-holding dumb noobs like myself :confused:


there are some steps you have to do:

enter in editor of weathermap -> map properties -> enter there output HTML and IMAGE
i have:

after that you can test your config using the command (in server - SSH):
cd /opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap
./weathermap.php --config configs/test.conf --output output/mymap.png --htmloutput output/mymap.html

instead of test.conf you put the name of your conf-file you created before you enter editor in weathermap.

don’t ask me too much because i’ve gotten only this far… now i have to debug other errors :smiley:
hope this helps :wink: