Weathermap - use for non network devices


I have been looking at some weathermap examples and found that on other systems the weathermap also can be used to draw other data points from the NMS.

It seems that eg in Cacti it is simply possible to select that data point from the editor - in librenems only ports are selectable there.

I found a comment from Howie (i.e. simply pointing to a value in a rrd file) here - Display CPU/MEM with LibreNMS - Support - Network Weathermap - but that does not seem to work for me;
I simply pointed TARGET to “sups1500x/sensor-temperature-apc-1.rrd:sensor:AVERAGE” but it does not show any data in the map

There was a similar question last year where @murrant suggested the API (Weathermap - Finding Data Source for "TARGET" - #2 by murrant) but I don’t know why.
Without knowing the differences of the librenms plugins from the standalone version this seems to be a minor issue, but maybe it is not.

So i wonder

  1. How does the librenms plugin differ from the standalone weathermapper?
  2. How to enable drawing non network info in the librenms weathermapper plugin (from librenms data sources or even external rrd/text files)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, after looking deeper into it I found two errors;

  1. A link needs two values for the two sides
  2. The name I got from rrd tool command from the chart is not the actual one in the rrd file - that would be ‘sensor’ since weathermap seems to access .value per default.
    So I adjusted to “TARGET ./sups1500x/sensor-temperature-apc-1.rrd:sensor:sensor” and at least get a (useless) value - “256” is not really the current temperature;)

filename = “sensor-temperature-apc-1.rrd”
rrd_version = “0003”
step = 300
last_update = 1532176203
header_size = 3080
ds[sensor].index = 0
ds[sensor].type = “GAUGE”
ds[sensor].minimal_heartbeat = 600
ds[sensor].min = -2.0000000000e+04
ds[sensor].max = 2.0000000000e+04
ds[sensor].last_ds = “32”
ds[sensor].value = 9.6000000000e+01
ds[sensor].unknown_sec = 0

Ok I think I am getting there …

TARGET gauge:./sups1500x/sensor-temperature-apc-1.rrd:sensor:-

is working better :slight_smile: