Web-GUI doesn't reflect Cisco PoE statistics


I have a trouble with PoE statistics. I need to build PoE load graphs for some cisco switches.

I have enabled:
$config[‘enable_ports_poe’] = 1; at config.php

Here is the result of
[email protected]:~$ ./poller.php -h -d -v

I can see the PoE data is gathered rrd with this data is updated, either is SQL database.

And here is
./validate.php result.

But I can’t see any data at Web GUI. What could be wrong?

You should fix why polling isn’t completing.

However what can you see in the webui?

Thank you for the reply!

Do you mean the following warning?

[WARN] Some devices have not been polled in the last 5 minutes. You may have performance issues.

There are dozens of reasons, why those devices could be unpolled for last 5 minutes. And the main one - they could be down, which is totally ok for some network roles.

I can see this data on ports: https://imgur.com/d0j0SOG
And this data on a specific port, which is PoE: https://imgur.com/Xc6BOf7

And here is an overview page: https://imgur.com/bdcL5lh

Please provide a pastebin of the snmpbulkwalk command in this faq: https://docs.librenms.org/#Support/FAQ/#faq20

Either the code is wrong or your device isn’t sending the correct data. The indexes for the poe data don’t match any interfaces.

Here is the snmpbulkwalk result: https://p.libren.ms/view/425921dd

laf, could you point me to any further investigation steps?

I can’t see anything unussual at snmpbulkwalk.