Web page will not load but receiving email alerts...Should I reinstall?


I continue to have issues since the beginning of december. I have my system to the point where i am receiving email alerts again but still can not load the webpage to login. Running the daily.sh and validate.php yield no errors. I receive a HTTP 403 forbidden error when trying to access the webpage; upon looking at the http logs, it complains that there is no index.html file to load (No matching DirectoryIndex (index.html) found). If i modify /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and add index.php ( DirectoryIndex index.html index.php ), then it loads a webpage but the webpage is only the contents of the index.php script located in my /nms/librenms/html/ directory. Is there a way to reinstall and retain my historical data? I have 2years worth of graph data which i do not want to lose. Or if someone has any other ideas how to get my webpage to load back to normal, then i would greatly appreciate it. I’m running RHEL7 w/ Apache

Can anyone assist me with my questions?