Web UI not working

our Librenms seems to register the IP we’ve given it now, but it’s still unaccessible.

when going to the ip we provided, it’s shown as The requested URL could not be retrieved. I’ve tried updating but git pull brings up “unable to access etc etc git hub link…could not resolve host”

any advice please?

Did you follow the installation instructions and set your webserver up? With the info provided it’s impossible to troubleshoot anything. The git issue could be caused by no route to internet, no dns etc.etc.

sorry for the vague info, I’m not familiar with this at all.

This is from a cloned machine which functioned fine from another site of ours, so i assumed that I didn’t need to setup the webserver again and just changed the IP address of it. Do i need to do the webserver setup again?

Without knowing the config it’s really difficult to say anything. But it can be something as simple as the bind IP in the webserver config. Eventually you just need to make sure that apache/nginx is listening on the lan/wan IP and that the possible firewall is permitting that connection.

that make sense.

the cloned of it was given me while the original guy who made it is on holiday so im unsure of the config. i’ll have a check at those and see.