Web vs cron dependencies -- is there a list?

Hi all, the installation instructions give a list of dependencies to install. Is there a reference for which dependencies are required for the web frontend (i.e. php-fpm) vs the cron scripts?

I am working on a containerized version in which nginx, php-fpm, cron, mariadb, and rrcached all live in separate containers. I would like to keep the images as clean as possible :slight_smile:

No list I’m afraid :frowning:

php-fpm isn’t needed for polling as it’s php-cli stuff. Using the centos install docs:

php70w - all
php70w-cli - all
php70w-gd - web
php70w-mysql - all
php70w-snmp - actually none
php70w-pear - all
php70w-curl - all
php70w-common - all
httpd - web
net-snmp - all
mariadb - db
ImageMagick - web
jwhois - web
nmap - all?
mtr -all?
rrdtool - all
MySQL-python - poller
net-snmp-utils - all
cronie - all
php70w-mcrypt - all
fping - all
git - all

Quick stab at it.

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Figured as much. I ended up brute-forcing it, first using validate.php until it stopped complaining, then confirming that I could run each of the individual cron jobs manually.

Using a ubuntu:16.04 as a base image, I got it down to the following list for the poller image:

	cron \
	fping \
	git \
	php7.0-cli \
	php7.0-mysql \
	php7.0-snmp \
	php7.0-curl \
	php-net-ipv4 \
	php-net-ipv6 \
	php7.0-mcrypt \
	python \
	python-mysqldb \
	snmp \
	rrdtool \
	vim \

Some of those probable aren’t actually needed, but validate.php complains if they aren’t there.

Next up is to point my web container at php-fpm and do a similar thing, start adding packages one at a time until the web UI stops throwing errors :stuck_out_tongue: