Webui Global settings appear not editable

Hi folks maybe is a newbie dumb question (so excuse mein case it is)
Just installed version 1.47 on ubuntu (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS) and we are adopting it

However i can’t edit the global setting through the web Ui i can see the parameters etc but they are in red and not editable … is there exist a switch or whatever to enable it ?
Clearly i can edit the conf files manually however it could be useful …


You cant edit those settings from the Web UI. They are there just as a summary. And no way to change that.

ok i read references in the documentation that was possible …


Can you point them? Just to check documentation and edit if needed

Sure …

If i am not wrong is mentioned here


in the paragraph " Poller config" is mentioned

" You can globally disable a module by setting it to 0. If you just want to disable it for one device then you can do this within the WebUI -> Settings -> Modules."

or am i wrong ?

You are right, but docs doesnt.

The correct way is in the WebUI go to desired device → Edit → Modules

Fix for the docs is on the way

danke sir …