WebUI issue composer missing PHP mysqlnd

Hi Team,

I am writing this topic to help others regards to some issues I had this week and how I resolved that. Thanks to some answers that I could find here.

So I was getting an error on the Web UI and on the server when I ran the command:

./opt/libre/scripts/composer_wrapper.php install

I was coming across an error regards to PHP mysqlnd module missing or not enabled. These were my steps:

1- discover what is the version of your PHP
#php -v
and my version was not the most recent one:
PHP 7.0.31

2- Now, you need to know your version to reinstall/rebuild or in my case swap the package mysqlnd.
update your list of repos just in case
#yum update

yum swap php70w-mysql php70w-mysqlnd

here we swap the packages php70w-mysql and php70w-mysqlnd
*notice that because my PHP is on version 7.0.31, the mysql and mysqlnd are 70w

3- after these commands complete successfully you can run the composer again:
./opt/libre/scripts/composer_wrapper.php install

And if the composer doesn’t show any other issues you should get your Web UI back to normal!

Thank you for all the help on the other topics and I hope this simple steps can help someone!


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