What CPU for Librenms server

Hi I’m going to buy a new server for librenms.
My question sounds better to buy a slow CPU (2.2GHz) with multiple cores or a less core fast CPU
Ideal would be more fast CPU cores, but I have a limited budget.
So far I plan to buy
Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 - 2.2GHz @ 8.0GT 25MB cache, 10core, HT, 85W, LGA2011
and 64GB ram.

Server looks nice. What about storage? You would want something fast storage.

5,000 port installation will generate around +/- 8GB of RRDs.

Things to take into account number of devices, ports, sensors.


Areca1226-8i(LSI3108) SAS3RAID(0/1/5/6/10/50/60) 2×8643,1GB,PCI-E8 g3,LP

4 x SSD Hitachi Ultrastar SS200 400GB SAS3 12Gbps 2,5" 250/86kIOPS, 3DWPD

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How many devices and ports and sensors do think you will be monitoring?

cca 1000 devices ,5000 ports and 1000 sensors.

You may need to look into distributed polling with that many devices.



On this first server will be poller, web and mysql.
I’m wondering if this is enough for this role.

I will start with 250 devices and next year I have promised two more servers.
There will be xen virtualization for web servers and there will be servers for Distributed Poller

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Well, it looks like you have a good plan to expand out into distributed polling as the number devices grow.

For me, I have about 400 devices 16000 ports and 3200 sensors. Running everything on one server MySQL web server and poller. It runs great with 64 gigs of ram 2 CPUs 32 cores and 10k SAS 250 drives.